Becodefence Plus Allergy Defence 120 Sprays

SKU : OT/04090833/000/00

Becodefence Plus Allergy Defence 120 Sprays

Brand : Becodefence

Category : Allergies & Hayfever


When the first signs of hay fever show, spray Becodefence for FAST and EFFECTIVE defence against allergy symptoms and spray hello to summer. Becodefence Plus contains unique Thixotropic formula which when shaken becomes fluid for easy dispersion, then settles back onto the nasal lining as a gel to block allergen contact. Becodefence Plus has a unique double action:

1. It helps stop symptoms from developing by Defusing pollen rapidly, Supporting fast clearance of allergens, Forming a microgel barrier to prevent further irritation

2. Reduces sensitivity to allergy triggers due to its therapeutic oil with anti-allergic properties acting as a mast-cell stabiliser.

Use Becodefence as soon as you feel the first symptoms before the allergic reaction has fully developed.

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